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You may have noticed the "S" at the end of of Owls Americas, that's because we are not just a US fan group. We bring together communities across all the Americas, and this year we are so happy to be hosting our National Meetup in Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada!

After amazing annual meetups in New Orleans, NYC and last years event in Charleston we move up north for this one on April 27th, 2024.

The main event is Sheffield Wednesday v West Brom at 10am on Saturday April 27th. But there's a lot more to a National Meetup than that, our host Dimi will have a full set of activities lined up, starting on Friday night and all day Saturday. More details will be revealed in the coming weeks and months, but we recommend booking your flights asap!

If you've never heard of our National Meetups before, supporters from all over the world gather for a weekend of fun in an American city. The past three events have featured 50+ Wednesday fans enjoying karaoke, rooftop igloos, crawfish boils, tattoos, brewery crawls and tons of memories made.



I'm sure a lot of you are asking why Halifax, Nova Scotia? We choose our host cities based on our most engaged fans, and the potential of a city to host a large group of football fans. If you've been to any of our previous national meetups, you will have likely met Dimi Dimitriou, founder of our Toronto Owls, who has sinced move to Halifax - he's a larger than life character who we trust to throw an almighty party.

Right now all you have to do is RSVP on Eventbrite if you're interested which will help us get a rough idea of numbers so we can plan venues and events.

If you want to chat about the event or ask questions head on over to the Facebook Forum.


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