On February 29 2020 over 40 Wednesday fans descended on New Orleans for an almighty party.

We had people from all over the states come to join the inaugural "OA Away Day". Some fans drove 9-12 hours from South Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Arkansas! Many others flew in from as far as Boston and NYC.


The festivities started on Friday evening with the official pre-game hosted at Mimi's in the Marigny as fans picked up their exclusive OA Away tees and shared stories of their Wednesday fandom and their journeys down to the big easy. Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday played regularly over the music system as we mingled with bewildered locals singing songs, playing pool and drinking the local ale. It was clear early on that this weekend was going to be a special one.

While Friday was a roaring success, Saturday was the main event at Finn Mccools. A range of hungover Wednesday fans started spilling into the bar around 9am local time and before most of us had woke up properly Wednesday were 3-0 down. However, you cant break a Wednesdayites spirit that easily so the beer kept flowing and songs kept singing. Afterwards we spilled out onto the street for photos and more songs, then moved across the road for a classic New Orleans Crawfish Boil in a friends backyard.


There had been talk on Friday night about a few folk wanting to get a tattoo, after a few hours drinking Saturday and maybe too much sunshine Tommy from Charleston, gets chatting to Ariella from Arkansas at the crawfish boil and announces to the crowd that they're getting tattoos, Paddy and Paul from NYC enthusiastically join them and head to a local spot.


Later in the evening a hardcore bunch met up again to show off their fresh ink and take on the madness of Bourbon Street, we sank a few more beers and sung a few more songs until early in the morning.


New friends were made, old friendships were cemented and a whole lot of fun was had.


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Talk has already turned to our 2021 meetup and location, but it's going to take a lot to beat our first OA Away Day in New Orleans. Thanks again to Jamie and the New Orleans Owls for being the best hosts, we'll see you all soon at OA Away 2021 in...... (subscribe below to be the first to know).